Year 6

Year 6

Literacy: Following National Curriculum: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting

Numeracy: following National Curriculum: Using and Applying, Number, Shape, Data and Measures, Data Handling.

Science: Investigative Skills, Materials (dissolving), The Earth in Space, Electricity, Forces, Living Things and their Environment

History: The Victorians, Britain since 1930

Geography: Mapping Skills, Water, Rivers, What’s in the News

Computing (ICT): Research, Programming and Problem Solving, Communication, E-safety

RE: Christianity, Sikhism, Belief in Action

Art: Observational Drawing, Exploring Media, Famous Artists

Design and technology: Fairground, Science Technology

PE: Indoor Athletics, Outdoor Games, Dance, Gymnastics

PMFL: French – Shopping, Food, Clothing, Seasons, The Town

PSHE: Communication Skills, SRE

Music:  Singing, Composing, Performance