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Y6 Trip Payment Schedule

  PGL - 29.6.20 -3.7.20 Activity Week 29.6.20 - 3.7.20
Cost £399.00 £95.00
Deposit £50.00 £25.00
1st 16.9.19   - £50.00 14.10.19- £70.00
2nd 14.10.19 - £50.00  
Instalment of £150.00 due to PGL 30.10.19  
3rd 11.11.19 - £50.00  
4th 16.12.19 - £50.00  
5th 13.1.20   - £50.00  
Instalment of £150.00 due to PGL 24.1.20  
6th 10.2.20 - £50.00  
7th 16.3.20 - £49.00  
Final balance due to PGL 27.3.20  

As a school, we are obliged to make interim payments to PGL as detailed above. Should we not have received sufficient parental payment by the required dates, we will not be able to guarantee your child's place on the trip.  Moreover, once we have forwarded the staged instalments to PGL, these are non-refundable.

Payments may be made in advance of these dates at any time. Should you wish to make additional payments to those listed above or pay off the complete balance early, this is acceptable.

We would prefer payment by standing order or bank transfer: Nat West, Sort Code: 51-70-55, Acct No: 81913885.  Please ensure you put your child's name as a reference. Payment can also be made by cheques payable to Roseacre Junior School or in cash.